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We realise how difficult and important it is that a software deploy and operate successfully. We’ve focused on dedicated Client Success and a product that is just as usable as it is powerful.

  • "Passle is an incredibly elegant and powerful platform, enabling anyone with a voice to put events and news, within their brand and in context."

    Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Co-founder & General Partner, FinTech Collective
  • "The traffic to our website and the length of time people stay is significantly higher.”

    Rachel Oakes
    Rachel Oakes Partner and National Head of Family Law, Freeths
  • "I must say the platform has been a revelation for Collingwood. We have suddenly been able to get every employee blogging relevant content to their audience and have also seen a significant rise in the number of contacts coming back to our website and engaging with us."

    Doug Mackay
    Doug Mackay Managing Director at Collingwood
  • "Howard Kennedy was one of the early Passle adopters. Following a trial, the firm decided to offer it to all their lawyers.  The take-up and impact it has had has been truly impressive.  The firm has always been switched on to the issues that affect its clients, but it now has a voice and is not afraid to share it.  That its content has been shared over 3,500 times is a testament to its success."

    Chris Oladogba
    Chris Oladogba Digital Communications Manager at Howard Kennedy
  • "I'm super excited to be going through this Passle kick off process. In one week, I have received more content than I have in the entire 14 months I’ve been here. AND I don’t have to spend hours formatting and posting the content they give me!!!"

    Felica Dewar
    Felica Dewar Marketing Manager, Brownlee LLP
  • “It’s honestly the best thing… Passle Client Success team are super helpful,  really friendly,  very organised and always on the ball.”  

    Katie Hafner
    Katie Hafner Head of Marketing, Everis UK
  • “Passle has changed my approach to social media. It allows me to deliver authentic insights to my client base in an efficient and timely manner.”

    ANDREW CRABBIE Head of Commercial Real Estate
  • “Being timely is key. When writing commentary pieces it is important to get your content out as soon as possible, Passle allows you to do that.”

    OWEN SPENCER Counsel
  • 'Passle is a game changer when it comes to speed. It enables us to create and share our insights in a matter of minutes. The team are ace and we now have the capability to respond at pace.'

    Nigel Walsh
    Nigel Walsh Partner, Deloitte
  • 'In my opinion, you guys at Passle lead the field on client relationship management – some of our other suppliers could certainly learn a thing or two from Passle.'

    ​  Gemma Lyon
    ​ Gemma Lyon Marketing Director, Macfarlanes
  • 'All in all, the decision to test out Passle with 12 Partners in 2017 ended up becoming one of the best marketing decisions we’ve made. ​ Eminence is now something driven by many, rather than just a few.​ ​We’ve evolved from spending the best part of a year writing door-knocker reports, to publishing around 5 easy to read insights each day which are timely and in-tune with what’s going on in the market. ​ Through Passle, our FS business has finally found its voice. In turn, this has allowed us to position ourselves as the ‘voice of the industry.'

    Jas Kaur
    Jas Kaur Marketing Manager, Financial Services​, Deloitte
  • "Passle is a great product and has made client engagement and communication so much smarter, professional and visually appealing! Very glad we have Passle at Shearman!"

    Michael Scargill
    Michael Scargill Counsel and Head of UK Knowledge Management, Corporate, Shearman & Sterling 
  • "We build valuable relationships with our clients in various different ways. One of those ways is to reach them with blogs and Passles on things that they might want to hear about."

    Geraint Lloyd-Taylor
    Geraint Lloyd-Taylor Partner, Lewis Silkin
  • "It's been a fantastic experience to transform ourselves from a firm that drip-feeds information in a traditional law-firm way into a firm that actually is moving in sync with our clients and putting out content on a regular basis."

    Geraint Lloyd Taylor
    Geraint Lloyd Taylor Partner, Lewis Silkin
  • "The Passle platform is fantastic, easy to use and looks great – clients are feeding back regularly to us in a way they never have before, but what we have really valued is the over and above level of support we have received."

    Siobhan Moriarty
    Siobhan Moriarty Divisional Head of Business Development, Lewis Silkin
  • "We signed up with Passle in Summer 2017 and launched our Passle page in September. We have been thrilled with the amount of support received by the Passle team, not only in implementing the platform and training our team how to use it, but the continuing engagement and proactivity ... to support international trips, client seminars, client targeting and ideas about what we can do to leverage ongoing campaigns."

    Siobhan Moriarty
    Siobhan Moriarty Divisional Head of Business Development, Lewis Silkin
  • "It's so important to generate content for your website to showcase your expertise, to demonstrate that you're up-to-date and to keep yourself and your firm high in the searches, when potential clients look for lawyers who know their industry or work. Unfortunately, drafting articles to publish is really time consuming. Using Passle means you can be lazy and still generate great content very regularly with minimal effort by quoting interesting source material and providing your own commentary. It also shows existing clients that you are active, interested and staying up-to-date in their area."

    Ed John
    Ed John Real Estate Partner, Howard Kennedy
  • "I’d essentially given up that getting our attorneys posting regularly was going to happen, but with Passle, we've just demonstrated that it's so incredibly easy for these attorneys that they have done it themselves.”

    Kelly Harbour
    Kelly Harbour Chief Business Development Officer, Goulston & Storrs
  • “Passle provides a platform that makes the connection from the client to the expertise of the lawyer a lot more direct.”

    Phill McGowan
    Phill McGowan Global Director, Corporate Communications, Reed Smith

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